VISION: Who We Are and What We Value

We are a family of believers passionate about loving Jesus, following Jesus, and loving people to see lives changed by the power of Jesus.

Seeds of Life Church is a family of multi-generational believers joined by our common faith in Christ and love for one another. Authentic relationships that are all about Jesus allow people to “come as they are” to know and grow in Christ Jesus.

We are passionate about loving Jesus, which is the Great Commandment. Our prayer is for your children, spouse, loved ones, as well as yourself to grow and deepen in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

By grace we make disciples who follow and imitate Jesus while becoming like Christ in the process to fulfill the Great Commission. Disciples grow in the context of life on life relationships in midweek communities, cafes, campuses, and wherever people can connect.

God loves people and the evidence of a growing Christian is love. The Gospel is transformative having the power to change lives through repentance and faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus. We share the love of Christ with people believing the grace of God to transform the San Gabriel Valley one life at a time.

MISSION: Our God-Given Purpose

We exist to glorify God by preaching the Word, reaching the de-churched, and making disciples by the grace of God.

Seeds of Life Church exists to exalt and glorify God. This happens as we are faithful to teach the Word of God for spiritual maturity, send missionaries into their culture for the gospel, and hold one another in fellowship with Christ.

We glorify God through the uncompromised teaching of God’s Word. The Bible is authoritative and sufficient for salvation and Christlike growth. We hunger for the Word of God to fellowship with Christ and for our sanctification in applying it to our lives.

Our church is missional in sending believers into their culture to reach friends and family with the Gospel. God desires to reach both the unchurched and de-churched in the San Gabriel Valley. The de-churched are those who were at one time in fellowship but for various reasons have left the church for over an extended time.

God’s mandate for the church is to make disciples. A disciple follows Christ by living out their faith daily in their family, career, and communities. Disciples are made in the context of genuine relationships that love, pray, counsel, and correct by the grace of God.