HOPE THROUGH HARDSHIP | James 1:9-15 | Pastor Kyle Shimazaki

Listen as Pastor Kyle shares on the importance of making progress with your faith!

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  1. Philip Wu
    Philip Wu says:

    Hello Pastor Kyle… Your sermons are always insightful, practical, realistic, and spirit-filled. I must admit I can identify well with your story about the monkey with his balled fist trapped in the coconut as I continue to clutch on to a couple of lifelong bad habits that I have yet to overcome. Our neighborhood walk was an excellent idea, and a lovely way to fellowship with fellow members through our Lord Jesus Christ in mind to bring blessings to our community. Thanks again for your spiritual leadership and guidance, and for the generosity of the Seeds of Life Church members. You are leading followers of Christ to become more active disciples. Hallelujah and God bless you, your family and all of the giving members of Seeds of Life Church, and we pray for its sustained growth and goodwill in our neighborhood.


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