Nursery (ages 0-4)

Children age 0 to 4 are warmly welcomed to join our Nursery! We have a loving and trained staff who will nurture and care for your child so that you can enjoy the Worship Gathering with peace of mind and heart.

In our Nursery, children will enjoy a weekly program of praise and worship songs, prayer, Scripture reading and lessons, snacks, and other guided play and activities.

Upon check-in, parents will be asked to furnish:

  • A cell number at which the parent can be contacted should the need arise.
  • A diaper bag with necessary supplies to keep your child comfortable (i.e. spare diapers, security blanket/toy, sippy cup, bottle, favorite snack, etc.)
  • Instructions for special needs or care.

Upon conclusion of the worship gathering, parents will be required to check-out their child from the Nursery.